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Scents of the South

March 17, 2017
Lauren James Candles Scents of the South

The sense of smell is a very powerful thing that can dictate memories and create a feeling of nostalgia before you even know what hit you. We’ve all definitely had that moment where you catch a whiff of Axe Body Spray and are immediately transported back to the hallways of your middle school, right?! Or smelling a fresh baked apple pie and remembering holidays spent at your grandmother’s house. All jokes aside, the sense of smell truly does have the power to bring you back to memories you didn’t even know you had.

The new Lauren James candle collection does just that! These candles are all designed, poured, and scented right here in the USA… In our home state of Arkansas to be exact! We take pride in creating products that have ties to the Southern USA, and these candles are no exception. These candles even have wooden wicks, so as soon as you light them you’re surrounded by the warm sound of a crackling fire.

Each Lauren James candle has a 55 hour burn time and is packaged in a 12 oz. custom mason jar. Once the candle is gone, the mason jar can be upcycled for many different uses. Stay tuned for an upcoming DIY blog.

With four quintessential scents of the South, you’ll immediately be taken back to spring and summer days with the windows open and the breeze rolling in. These scents, Magnolia, Champagne, Honeysuckle, and Watermelon Lemonade, are welcoming, fresh, and utterly nostalgic all in one. Not only do these scents fill your whole house but they make the perfect gifts for your mom, sister or girlfriend. Don’t believe us? You’ll just have to try one for yourself!

Which scent are you most excited to try? (Our office favorite is the Magnolia!) Let us know in the comments below, and share pictures of your Lauren James candles on Instagram @LaurenJames!


Galentine’s DIY

February 14, 2017

Lauren James Galentine's Day Party DIY
Hey hey, happy Valentine’s Day! The day of love has us dreaming about bouquets of beautiful flowers, yummy sweets and treats, and all the cheesy cards we can handle, and we’re totally okay with it! This holiday brings with it tons of love and encouragement from everyone around you, as well as plenty of fashion and decor inspiration, so we wanted to give you a few Galentine’s DIY ideas!

We’re loving all of the color inspiration that this lovey-dovey holiday has added to our news feed. It makes us wanna throw the ultimate Galentine’s extravaganza, so we’re throwing it back to last year’s Galentine’s DIY that we shared with y’all on the blog! We’ve got lots of last-minutes decor and treats for you to share with your gals, so check them out HERE, and share with us how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day this year in the comments below!


You’re Invited to Lauren’s Birthday Sale!

January 10, 2017

Lauren's Birthday Sale
Hey, hey, you know what time it is! It’s almost time for Lauren’s annual birthday sale on January 28th, and we’re giddy with excitement! We try to celebrate BIG every year, and this year is no different. Be on the lookout for lots of sneak peeks on the Lauren James Instagram, and if you’re not subscribed to the email list, do that ASAP! Not only will they be sharing exclusive info about the sale, but you might even get early VIP access into the sale!

So while we can’t tell you yet just how great the discounts are going to be, we CAN tell you how it will all work! will be down the day before the sale, January 27th, to get our team prepared before it all goes live! At midnight CST on January 28th, you will be free to shop til you drop in celebration of our amazing girl boss’ birthday! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on the discounts we’ll be having, and get ready to wish Lauren a big HBD!

What are you hoping to snag in this year’s sale? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share all your birthday wishes with Lauren on the 28th! #StyledSweet


LJ Cookie Party

December 27, 2016

Lauren James Christmas Cookie Party
What’s winter break without all the sweet treats that people make around the holidays?! We can’t imagine a holiday season passing without sampling gingerbread cookies, homemade toffee, and lots and lots of anything chocolate! But maybe the best sweet treat of the season comes with the opportunity to decorate sugar cookies like a little kid again in your best tacky Christmas attire… Which is what we did here at LJ this year!

Friday, December 16th, was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, so of course we had to celebrate in the office! We gathered everyone together in their best tacky Christmas-wear, and we had a blast decorating sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles! It was definitely a fun team-bonding experience, and it gave everyone a little break from work so they could get into the Christmas spirit!

We think this may be a new Christmas tradition here at LJ! What’s your favorite holiday tradition that you partake in with your people? Let us know in the comments below!  

Lauren James Christmas Cookie PartyLauren James Christmas Cookie PartyLauren James Christmas Cookie Party


Wrap It Up

December 22, 2016

There are two types of people that emerge during the Christmas season; Those that have had their Christmas shopping done for weeks (maybe even months) You know the type. They have all their presents wrapped neatly under the tree by December 1st and every Christmas detail has been finely tuned. Then there are those that frantically shop all the way up until Christmas Eve.

Which one are you?!

However you choose to do your shopping for the holidays, it’s always nice to have presents wrapped neatly under the tree for the admiration of others! Taking the time to thoughtfully pick out a present for someone and then wrap it shows that you really care!

We’re loving the trend of non-traditional colors for Christmas decorations this year. We’ll always be partial to the red and green, but it’s fun to throw in some bright colors to shake things up!

Today, our blog guru Jordan is sharing how she chose to wrap her gifts this year, and the colors are on point!

White and gold wrapping paper (from the amazing Sugar Paper collection at Target) provides a blank slate to add ribbons, baubles, gift tags, etc. to your gifts for a totally customizable look!

No matter how you choose to wrap your presents this year, be creative and make them special for those receiving them! Don’t forget to share all your Christmas fun with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet
Lauren James Last-Minute Gift Wrapping
Lauren James Last-Minute Gift Wrapping


Halloween Throwbacks

October 31, 2016

Lauren James Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween, y’all! We’re celebrating at LJCO today with way too much candy (and even some fun costumes in the office)! To get in the spirit, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the past Halloween costumes that Team LJCO has worn throughout the years! We asked everyone to find their best or funniest costumes from their childhood so we could share them with you, and this is what we found!

Lauren as a silver Hershey Kiss!
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes

Lance as a little pirate!
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes
Amanda as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes
Jordan as a cheetah!
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes
Kara as Angelica from Rugrats!
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes
And Chase dressed up as a ghost! 
Lauren James Throwback Halloween Costumes

What’s your all-time favorite costume you’ve worn in the past? Did you wear LJ this year? Share all of your best Halloween photos with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet


Fall Tablescape

September 30, 2016

What do you love most about the fall? Is it the cooler temperatures? The gorgeous colors of the changing leaves? Pulling out your favorite sweaters and flannel shirts to cozy up in? We love all of those things and so much more about fall!

One of our favorite things this year is getting into fall decorating, because there are so many fun ways you can celebrate the season! Pumpkins, greenery, gingham and plaid… You name it, we love it! Decorating should be easy and fun, not overwhelming or stressful, so we’ve made it easy for you by designing your fall table scape this year!

We created our own unique table that was inexpensive and easy to set up! Using pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch for the centerpieces, we also included some dark fall greenery and white candles to set the scene! Mix that with some white and gold dishes and amber glassware to create the perfect fall table!

How do you decorate for fall? Let us know in the comments below, and share your fall style photos with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet

Lauren James Fall Table Setting
Lauren James Fall Table Setting
Lauren James Fall Table Setting
Lauren James Fall Table Setting
Lauren James Fall Table Setting


Tailgate Time

September 15, 2016

It’s GAME TIME! Here at LJ, we’re looking forward to our second home game of the season this weekend, and we can’t stop thinking about game day outfits and tailgate-hopping all Saturday long! We love to head to the tailgates before the game with friends to play baggo, eat yummy food, and get excited for the game! Calories don’t count during football season, right?!

We’ve rounded up a few of our fav tailgate-worthy recipes that are perfect for your next weekend get-together below! What’s your favorite tailgate food? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share all your game day pictures with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet

1. Brown Sugar Smokies

2. Hot Ham & Cheese Crescents

3. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

4. Taco Oyster Crackers

5. Sausage Hash Brown Balls

Lauren James College Football Season Tailgate Recipes 1


Game Day Dress Code

August 30, 2016

College game day is almost upon us… Are you ready?! Here at Styled Sweet we are so excited to break out our team colors and start planning what we’re going to wear to each game! In the South, college game day is a huge deal. Tailgating is one of the biggest traditions in Southern college towns, and getting dressed up for these games is looked at as very important!

Every state has different traditions when it comes to football game dress codes. Some schools make custom shirts for every single game, some schools have a special student section tee specifically for game day, and some, like Ole Miss, even go as far as to designate a certain color of dress that you’re supposed to wear to each game! While we don’t necessarily follow the fashion rules that closely, we do love to get all dressed up for Saturdays in the South!

So, be the talk of the stands this season in one of these adorable Lauren James game day dresses! And be sure to share all of your LJ photos with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet

Lauren James Football Game Day Dress Code 1
Lauren James Football Game Day Dress Code 2
Lauren James Football Game Day Dress Code 4



August 2, 2016

Lauren James Southern Sayings
If you’re from the South, you’ve probably heard lots of strange phrases from your grandparents’ generation. Things like “slow as molasses” and “quit your lollygagging” were commonly used during their lifetime, and some people still use these sayings today. If you’ve never been to the South, hearing someone say that you’re “knee high to a grasshopper” would probably be pretty confusing, so we’re here to help you out, by sharing some of our favorite Southern phrases and their meanings! Read up, and let us know your favorite sayings that you’ve heard in the South!

“Heavens to Betsy!”:
This is a mild exclamation of shock or surprise. You may hear someone say this after a long day at work, or after a series of annoying mishaps.

“Well, I declare!”:
This one’s another exclamation! You’ll probably hear someone use this one when they’re surprised about a piece of news that’s being delivered to them.

“Quit being ugly!”:
Y’all may have heard this one from your mom or grandmother. “Being ugly” doesn’t refer to your physical appearance, but to someone who is misbehaving or acting rudely towards others.

“Fit to be tied.”:
When you’re fit to be tied, it means that you’re angry or agitated, “to be tied” meaning you’re joking about needing to be restrained. You may hear someone use this term after hearing some bit of news that annoys them.

“All gussied up.”:
To be gussied up is to get dressed up for a night out. You may hear someone commenting on another person’s outfit.. “Well aren’t you all gussied up?”

“Knee high to a grasshopper.”:
This is a strange one that isn’t used very often anymore, but it just means that someone is small physically, or very young.

“You’re a peach!”:
Last but not least, and probably the most common phrase still used today, is “you’re a peach”. This phrase is a compliment given to someone, meaning sweet or cute. You could also say you’re a “doll” or “gem”.

What are your favorite Southern sayings? Let us know in the comments, and follow along with us @StyledSweet! #StyledSweet